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Comprehensive geophysical analysis of agricultural land assists in ensuring sustainable economic returns.

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Determining an area’s agricultural potential can establish its suitability for a farming operation.  Fender Geophysics can conduct several surveys targeting specific aspects of agricultural potential, such as:

  • Topography – precision GPS data can be acquired to generate a three dimensional digital terrain model (DTM) for a given area.  This data can then be utilised to map surface runoff and monitor erosion rates over time.
  • Ground penetration radar (GPR) can be employed to measure depth to bedrock and to the water table.  This technique when coupled with the DTM can also help to detect the presence of aquifers, sinkholes and buried utilities.
  • Electromagnetic (EM) methods (TerraTEM, EM38) enable the analysis of soil properties.  Variations in moisture content and mineral concentrations in the subsurface allow diagnostics such as moisture, clay content and soil salinity to be measured and modelled.

Fender’s utilisation of real-time GPS data coupled with the EM and GPR methods, ensures highly accurate reliable data.