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Concrete scanning of urban development sites provides important information about pre-existing conditions.

When new foundations are built over old infrastructure it is important to ensure that unexpected features within the pre-existing concrete will not adversely affect the new construction.

Scanning pre-existing concrete structures with high frequency ground penetration radar (GPR) prior to cutting, drilling or coring prevents damage to machinery and minimises risk to personnel.  Concrete scanning can be used to locate:

  • Steel reinforcements
  • Utility conduits (water, gas, electricity, communications)
  • Other structures

The high frequency of GPR is a non-intrusive technique which allows the mapping of the concrete subsurface quickly, quietly and with a high degree of precision.  It is therefore a safe and reliable means of identifying potential hazards in the concrete without disrupting it.  Fender’s expertise in collecting, processing, modelling and analysis of data ensures that the results are tailor to your requirements.