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Ground water is a primary source of drinking water, as well as water for industrial and agricultural use

The world wide reliance on groundwater justifies the effort and expense in identification and delineation of ground water resources.

The employment of geophysical techniques in both ground water mapping and water quality assessment has increased substantially in the past decade.  Technological advancements enable the detailed mapping of water conduits and reservoirs by contrasting subtle changes in subsurface conductivity due to water seepage.

The most effective method employed to locate ground water depends on the local geology.  Using techniques amenable for a given geological setting Fender is capable of identifying sub-surface structures which may serve as ground water pathways; Fender’s methods include:

  • TEM (TerraTEM system)
  • Magnetics (Cesium vapour or proton precession)
  • Resistivity
  • Seismic refraction

Fender conducts cost-effective ground water surveys to suit your needs in terms of depth, area, and required resolution of data.