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Geophysics is an integral part of mineral exploration and is also increasingly utilised during mining operations to delineate additional resources. Geophysics should always be considered when identifying drill targets or when designing drill programs to optimise the money spent on drilling.



Geophysical surveys can cover large areas in a short span of time and are a cost efficient way of delineating sub-surface geological features which may not be detectable by other geological investigations.

As most near surface ore-bodies have already been discovered, explorers are increasingly targeting deeper ore-bodies.  Geophysical methods can be used to detect various types of target mineralisation at depth and are thus a fundamental part of modern exploration programs.

Geophysical methods are also increasingly used in near mine exploration to identify additional resources.

Fender Geophysics utilises the following techniques:

  • Induced Polarisation; variations of pole-dipole and dipole-dipole (including offset arrays) to suit the targeted mineralisation style
  • Magnetics (Cesium vapour and proton procession magnetometers)
  • Gravity (Scrintrex CG-5)

Utilising these techniques and our in-house expertise we aim is to delineate mineral resources with maximum efficiency.