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Fender Geophysics has experience in a wide range of geophysical techniques which can be used to assist environmental studies, geotechnical investigations and infrastructure planning. Unlike many operators who specialise in one technique or a proprietary technique Fender is capable of applying a number of techniques to ensure that the greatest knowledge and understanding are achieved with a single survey.

We have proven on many occasions that a single technique approach can be costly by applying a second or third technique whilst on site and gaining crucial information about the sub surface that the single requested technique would not have detected.




Fender Geophysics utilises a combination of ground penetrating radar (GPR), induced polarisation (IP) electromagnetic (EM) ground magnetics (GM) to:

  • Identify ground contamination by hazardous materials near surface and at depth, and plume tracking
  • Conduct soil salinity surveys a required for sub divisions and new property developments
  • Assess subsurface stability for pre-existing structures and planned future construction
  • Map and identifying underground infrastructure (e.g. power, water, and communications)

Experience in data processing and modelling enables Fender to deliver survey results (e.g. maps, plans, sections) tailored to customer specifications.