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Borehole Surveys.

Fender Geophysics provides you with accurate borehole deviation data through professional and cost-effective methods.  Borehole surveys are utilised to determine the geological and geotechnical parameters, giving vital information for later stages of planning.

Downhole IP surveys are useful over many industries from mining with ore body tracking to agriculture for aquifer location. Fender has years of experience with IP and downhole surveys.

  • In mining this improves a drill hole by scanning the rocks within a radius of the drill hole giving crucial information about the lithology which the drill may have just missed.
  • In aquifers downhole IP utilised in boreholes are vital for design of production wells. Geophysical analysis couple with water table height directly determine well depth, sustainability and geomorphic shape of the aquifer.

We employ reliable and comprehensive down-hole survey technologies, coupled with specialised equipment and crew to maximise efficiency. This allows us to offer professional verification of your borehole deviation data by utilising our borehole surveying expertise.



  • Downhole cable and winch capable of depths to 2km